African Adventure Music Kit

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The African Adventure Music Kit offers a unique and enriching cultural experience for children, particularly those in Key Stages 1 and 2.
This African Adventure Music Kit not only allows for musical exploration but also delves into African art and design, providing a multi-disciplinary educational experience.

African Adventure Music Kit Features:

  • Cultural Variety: The kit comes with African masks and woven Kente cloth, which can be used for cultural education as well as musical exploration.

  • Musical Instruments: Includes a coco-drum and a rainstick among other hand-held percussion items, offering a variety of ways to explore rhythm and sound.

  • Educational Guide: The kit includes twenty 'teacher's help' guided activities that focus on music, art, and design, catering to Key Stages 1 and 2 curricula.

  • Comprehensive Package: With sixteen items in the kit, children have a wide range of instruments and artifacts to explore, encouraging a broader understanding of African culture.

  • Presentation: All items are beautifully presented in a Bolga basket, adding to the authentic African experience.

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: This kit enables integrated learning across music, art, and design, making it a versatile educational tool.

  • Engaging and Inspirational: The bright colors and intriguing textures of the items in the kit are sure to captivate children's interest, making learning more engaging.

This African Adventure Music Kit provides a well-rounded, immersive educational experience that could be invaluable in a classroom setting, especially for schools focusing on a global or multicultural curriculum.
Teachers can use it as a resource to stimulate curiosity and deepen understanding of African culture, music, and art.

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