Activity Wall Panel Zebra

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Introducing the captivating and visually stimulating Activity Wall Panel Zebra!
This enchanting wall toy combines both play and learning to create an engaging experience for children.
Featuring a geometry shape sorting puzzle, the Activity Wall Panel Zebra not only captures children's attention with its vibrant colors and charming zebra design but also enhances their cognitive abilities. With this fantastic wall panel, little ones will develop their skills in recognizing different colors and shapes, promoting their overall mental sharpness and visual acuity.

Designed to stimulate young minds, this activity wall panel encourages children to think critically, exercise their problem-solving abilities, and hone their fine motor skills. As they immerse themselves in the hands-on exploration of the panel, they will learn to analyze, strategize, and achieve goals, fostering essential thinking skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Crafted with utmost care and durability, the Activity Wall Panel Zebra ensures long-lasting playtime fun for your child. It is built to withstand the energetic play of little hands, providing a safe and engaging environment for learning and growth.

Bring the Activity Wall Panel Zebra into your home or classroom and watch as your child's imagination takes flight, their motor skills flourish, and their ability to solve puzzles shines. With its engaging design and educational benefits, this wall toy is an investment in your child's development that they will truly enjoy.
  • Measurements of the product are 36 x 55 x 3,5 centimetre.

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