Activity Sound Ball

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Watch in amazement as the Activity Sound Ball mesmerizes both children and adults alike with its swirling balls inside the transparent clear casing. This visually stimulating feature adds an exciting element of fun to any group activity.
But that's not all - as the balls move, they create a delightful sound that adds a wonderful auditory experience to the mix.
Not only is the Activity Sound Ball perfect for group activities, but it is also widely used in floor time and therapy games.
Its bouncing motion promotes visual tracking, allowing individuals to follow its movements and enhance their hand-eye coordination skills.

The Activity Sound Ball is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and therapeutic benefits. Whether you're organizing a playdate, a therapy session, or simply looking for a fun way to engage with your child, this ball is a must-have.

Spark joy, laughter, and learning opportunities with the remarkable Activity Sound Ball!

  • Their sounds enhance auditory discrimination.
  • Because sounds change with the motion of the ball, the Activity Sound Ball encourages experimentation.
  • Measuring a fantastic 55cm in diameter and built and designed from the highest quality synthetic resin materials.

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