6 Pack of Fleece Balls

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This set of 6 brightly coloured Fleece Balls are lightweight, made from cotton and approx 9cm diameter.
The Fleece Balls are ideal for learning to throw and catch great for using with small children as they are very easy to throw, to catch or to handle.
The Fleece Balls have a soft fluffy texture,so these balls eliminate any risk of injury, never roll away when they hit the ground, (as their texture just absorbs the impact) but most important you won’t hear any noise on playing with fleece balls – apart from the happy laughter!
Fleece balls
  • Great for a variety of activities including racket sports, relay races or tag games and sensory exploration
  • Made from washable synthetic material with an acrylic polyfil filling
  • Approximately 750mm in diameter
  • Comes in a pack of 6

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