3D Magnetic Blocks Super Class Set

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Introducing the 3D Magnetic Blocks Super Class Set, a captivating educational tool that unravels the fascinating principles of magnetism while nurturing boundless creativity in young minds. With vibrant yellow blocks attracting blue counterparts and the same colors playfully repelling each other, this set offers a hands-on lesson in science and engineering.

Key Features:

  • Principles of Magnetism: Dive into the enchanting world of magnetism as children discover the fundamental concepts of attraction and repulsion. The magnetic properties of the blocks provide a tangible way to explore this captivating scientific phenomenon.

  • Color-Coded Fun: Yellow blocks attract blue blocks, and when the same colors meet, they playfully repel each other. This simple yet engaging feature sparks curiosity and encourages experimentation.

  • Creative Construction: Unleash your child's imagination as they effortlessly create vehicles and bring them to life with the included figures. From cars to characters, the possibilities are endless.

  • Varied Shapes: The set includes spherical and cylindrical parts, perfect for adding intricate details to vehicles and construction models. These shapes add depth and complexity to your child's creations.

  • Comprehensive Set: The 3D Magnetic Blocks Super Class Set includes a variety of components, including 10 cubes, 6 triangles, 4 wheels, 8 spherical pieces, 8 cylindrical pieces, and 12 figures. This diversity empowers children to build, innovate, and explore.

  • Dimensions: Each cube measures 5cm in height, width, and depth, providing a satisfying and manageable size for young builders.

  • Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, this set introduces magnetism in a safe and engaging manner, making learning a fun and memorable experience.


The 3D Magnetic Blocks Super Class Set is more than just a toy; it's an educational adventure. Combining science, creativity, and hands-on exploration, it paves the way for a deeper understanding of magnetism while fostering imaginative play. Set the stage for discovery and innovation with this versatile and captivating magnetic building set, perfect for both educational and small world play.

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