3 Bell Hand Bell

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Introducing our 3 Bell Hand Bell – a petite yet resonant instrument designed to add a touch of musical magic to your world. This delightful hand bell features three bells securely attached to a rubber handle, making it both easy to play and a fantastic addition to the classroom percussion box.

Playing these hand bells is a breeze; just hold the handle and give them a gentle shake. The resulting chimes are both clear and captivating, making them particularly enchanting when incorporated into Christmas music.

These hand bells are the ideal choice for educational purposes and children's musical exploration. The set includes three bells, each fastened to a sturdy plastic handle. Crafted with a strong design, they are built to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play. The 10cm long handle provides a comfortable grip, and the 2.5cm diameter bells produce delightful, clear tones.

Elevate your musical experiences with our 3 Bell Hand Bell, a perfect addition to your percussion collection, ideal for classrooms, and a wonderful companion for spreading festive cheer during the holiday season.

3 Bell Hand Bell

  • Perfect small Handbells for education and children
  • 3 bells attached to a strong plastic handle
  • Good quality strong design
  • 10cm long handle
  • 2.5cm diameter bells

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