165 Piece Bulk Mirror Pack

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The 165 Piece Bulk Mirror Pack is a versatile and essential tool for various educational activities. With a total of 165 mirrors included in this pack, it offers incredible value and is perfect for classroom use in subjects such as science, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education), art, and more.

The mirrors in this pack can be used to enhance articulation skills, allowing students to observe their mouth movements and improve their speech. They are also great for exploring and learning about emotions, as students can observe their facial expressions and understand different emotional states.

In addition, these mirrors are useful for increasing body awareness and self-awareness. By observing themselves in the mirror, students can develop a better understanding of their body postures and movements, improving their coordination and spatial awareness.

The mirrors in this pack are durable and made from high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily classroom use. With a generous quantity of 165 mirrors, each student can have their own mirror to use during lessons or activities.

Whether it's a science experiment, an art project, or a PSHE lesson, the 165 Piece Bulk Mirror Pack offers unlimited possibilities for creative and engaging classroom activities. Give your students the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn with this invaluable pack of mirrors.

Total of 165 mirrors, including: • 20 at 150 x 100mm • 30 at 90 x 65mm • 5 at 300 x 200mm • 10 at 100 x 100, concave/ convex • 100 at 75 x 25 Pack of 165 mirrors included

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