10 Pack Bean Bag Bucket

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A fantastic set of 10 bean bags with a choice of colour options supplied in a easy to carry bucket.
Cotton bean bags filled with natural beans all stored away with ease at the end of play.
Just a couple of ideas for bean bags include

  • Bean Bag Toss.
    This bean bag activity tub develops hand-eye coordination.
    Show your child how to toss a bean bag gently into the air and then catch again.
    Younger children can do a very gentle toss, older kids can toss just above head level.
    Increase the challenge by introducing a hand-clap between tossing and catching.
    (ie toss, clap, catch), or a one-handed catch for older kids.
  • Bean Bag Relay Relays
    Are great bean bag games for toddlers and preschoolers! You need a few kids for this – get them to stand in a line, one behind the other.
    Put a pile of beanbags in the front, and an empty bucket at the back.
    The child in front grabs a bean bag and passes it overhead to the child behind and so on, until the last child pops it in the bucket, and then runs to the front to repeat the bean bag relay.

    Your child will be using hand-eye coordination to accurately receive and pass the bean bag without dropping it, and bilateral coordination by using both hands together to receive and pass the bean bag.
  • You can also have the kids pass under their legs, or alternate passing under and over (harder).
  • Supplied with 10 colours in bucket with re-sealable lid (Choose Colours in options_

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