1-20 Lacing Number Beads

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Introducing our vibrant 1-20 Lacing Number Beads, a fantastic educational tool designed to make learning numbers a colorful and engaging experience. These brightly colored beads are a valuable resource for teaching children the foundational principles of numeracy and helping them recognize and arrange numbers from 1 to 20.

1-20 Lacing Number Beads Features:

  • Bright and Colorful: The 1-20 Lacing Number Beads are a visual delight, coming in vivid shades of yellow, green, red, and blue. Their vibrant colors make counting and number recognition an exciting adventure.

  • Early Learning Reinforcement: This set is perfect for reinforcing early learning goals related to counting from 1 to 20. It provides a hands-on approach to numerical understanding and manipulation.

  • Numerous Pieces: With 4 beads for each number from 1 to 20, you have a total of 80 beads to work with. This abundance allows for various teaching and learning possibilities.

  • Educational Versatility: Measuring 2.5cm square, these beads are not only suitable for counting but also for developing fine motor skills, practicing math concepts, and enhancing sorting and counting abilities.

  • Hide and Seek Learning: The beads are printed on one side, enabling teachers to hide a number for children to identify. It adds an element of interactive learning, making lessons fun and engaging.

  • Long Laces Included: The set includes laces that are 52cm long, making it easy for children to string the beads together independently.

1-20 Lacing Number Beads

The 1-20 Lacing Number Beads are more than just colorful beads; they are a gateway to the world of numbers and mathematics. Whether used in a classroom or at home, these beads provide an interactive and enjoyable way for children to grasp the fundamentals of numeracy. From fine motor skills to numerical understanding, this versatile set encourages holistic development. Make learning numbers a vibrant adventure with these educational beads!

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