0-100 Lacing Number Beads

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Introducing our colourful set of 101 number beads and 10 strings.
Designed to help children develop fine motor skills, maths abilities, sorting, and counting abilities, this set of beads is perfect for reinforcing new UK early learning goals for counting 0-100.
With each bead measuring 2.5cm square, and the laces measuring 60cm long, children can easily manipulate the beads to form number sequences and engage in counting activities.

The beads are printed on one side, making it easy for the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify, providing an added element of fun to the learning experience. Additionally, every 5th bead is coloured in blue, providing an easy way to identify multiples of five, and every 6th bead is coloured in orange to help children understand multiples of six.

Bright and colourful, this set features a range of colours to keep young learners engaged and interested. Encourage your children to sort and count the beads, create number sequences, and tackle new maths concepts with confidence.
Perfect for classroom use or homeschooling, this set will become a valuable addition to any learning environment.

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