Uv Reactive Smart Putty

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Experience the magic of science and colour-changing fun with this Tin of UV Sensitive Putty. This innovative putty isn't just your regular stress-relieving toy; it reacts to UV light to give you an ever-changing, mesmerising play experience.

Uv Reactive Smart Putty Features:

  • UV Sensitivity: Watch in awe as the UV-sensitive putty changes colour under the included UV light torch. This feature adds an extra layer of interactive fun to your playtime.

  • Multifunctional Play: The putty is incredibly versatile. You can mould it, stretch it, bounce it, and even watch it melt, providing endless hours of tactile entertainment.

  • Colour Change: This putty isn't just one colour; it changes depending on the UV exposure. Whether it's green turning to red or light blue morphing into dark blue, each colour transformation is a sight to behold.

  • High-Quality Material: Made with premium ingredients, this putty is designed for durability and long-lasting fun. It will revert back to its original colour when not exposed to UV light.

  • Portable Storage: Each tin of putty comes in its own durable 8.5cm storage tin, making it easy to take your fun on the go.

  • Random Colour Selection: The putty comes in four assorted colours, but the fun is in the surprise! Each order is supplied at random, so you never know which transformative colour you'll get.

Whether you're looking for a sensory play experience, a stress-relief aid, or simply a fun and interactive toy, this Tin of UV Sensitive Putty offers it all. Suitable for ages 3 and up, it's the perfect gift for curious minds and busy hands.

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