Snakes and Ladders Rug

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Step into a world of joy, challenges, and friendly competition with our classic Snakes and Ladders large-scale game mat.
This premium Snakes and Ladders Rug brings the iconic board game to life, allowing children to become the game pieces as they navigate their way through a land of serpentine challenges and ladder-ascending opportunities.

Features of the Snakes and Ladders Rug:

Engaging and Educational

  • Large-Scale Format: Transforms the classic board game into a physically engaging activity, encouraging children to move, interact, and develop essential social skills.
  • Numeracy Skills Enhancement: While navigating through the snakes and ladders, children can foster their counting and numerical abilities in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

High-Quality Construction

  • 100% Polyester Mat: Crafted from high-quality polyester, the mat is designed to withstand enthusiastic play, ensuring long-lasting durability and offering a soft surface for comfortable gameplay.
  • Washable Material: Keeping the play area hygienic and clean is a breeze, thanks to the washable nature of the polyester mat.

Safety First

  • Rubber Anti-Slip Backing: Ensures the mat remains firmly in place during play, preventing slips and falls and promoting a safe play environment.
  • Certified Safe Materials: The mat utilizes materials that are certified safe for children, giving you peace of mind as they play.

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Vibrant Illustrations: The mat features vibrant and engaging illustrations that will captivate children’s imaginations, drawing them into the world of the game and stimulating their creativity.
  • Bright Coloured Counters: Includes four vividly coloured counters, encouraging visual recognition and differentiation.

Snakes and Ladders Rug Details

  • Dimensions: 2000 x 1500mm – Ample space for children to immerse themselves in the game, while also fitting seamlessly into a variety of indoor spaces.
  • Includes: One large game mat, one dice, and four coloured counters – everything needed to dive right into the fun!

Encouraging Positive Social Interactions

Fostering a space where children can enhance their social skills through play, the mat encourages cooperative gameplay, turn-taking, and positive competition.

Bring laughter, learning, and boundless fun to your home or play area with the classic Snakes and Ladders large-scale game mat—a timeless game that cultivates joy and learning in every roll of the dice.

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