Movement in Time Exploration

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Unveil the fascinating world of time and cause-effect relationships with the Movement In Time Exploration Kit. Expertly designed for educational purposes, this kit is an invaluable asset for any classroom, helping children grasp the concept of time management and understand the mechanics of different types of timers.

Movement in Time Exploration Components:

  • Mega Sand Timer: A large, easy-to-see timer that offers a grand visual of time passing.

  • Large Sand Timers: Great for classroom activities and capturing children's attention with the gradual flow of sand.

  • Big Red Timer: This highly visible timer is perfect for group activities and easy for children to operate.

  • Liquid Visual Timers: A mesmerizing flow that not only marks time but also serves as a calming visual aid.

  • Dinki Glitter Tubes: These add a sparkle to your time-keeping, captivating young eyes.

  • Spiral Tube: Engage children with its twisting, spiraling action.

  • Four Colour Liquid Timer: Watch as four different colors navigate through the timer, making for a multi-sensory experience.

  • Jump Bean Timers: These timers hop and jump, providing both a visual and tactile experience.

  • Mega Oozy Tube: This offers a slow-moving spectacle, showing the gradual passage of time in a gooey, engaging way.

  • Mini Sand Timers and Mini Liquid Timers: Smaller versions of their larger counterparts, perfect for individual or small group use.

Educational Benefits:

  • Time Management: The varied types of timers help children understand the value of time and how to manage it effectively.

  • Behavioural Skills: The timers can also be used as a classroom management tool, helping to regulate behaviours and transitions between activities.

  • Cause and Effect: The kit offers a tangible way for children to explore and understand the cause and effect of each timer, enhancing their observational and deductive skills.

The Movement In Time Exploration Kit offers a multitude of ways to engage children in learning about the passage of time, making it an excellent resource for educators aiming to provide a well-rounded, interactive educational experience. Suitable for all classroom settings and age groups.

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