Monkey Drum

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Unleash the rhythm within with our Monkey Hand Drum, a delightful musical instrument and sensory experience all in one. These drums are impossible to resist, inviting individuals of all ages and capabilities to play and create music effortlessly.

Monkey Drum Features:

  • Irresistible Fun: The Monkey Hand Drum is designed to be fun and engaging. Its unique design and ease of play make it a must-have musical instrument for everyone.

  • Accessible to All Ages: Whether you're a child or an adult, this drum is easy to pick up and play. It's an inclusive instrument that brings joy to people of all ages and capabilities.

  • Anticipatory Atmosphere: Use this drum to create a sense of anticipation before important moments. Whether you're waiting for dinner, heading to school, or getting ready for bath-time, the drum adds a touch of excitement to the occasion.

  • Assorted Colors: Available in assorted colors of red or blue, each Monkey Hand Drum is a surprise. You'll receive one at random, adding an element of excitement to your musical experience.

  • Traditional Monkey Design: This small traditional Monkey Hand Drum features a natural skin head on a lightweight frame with a convenient handle. It's easy to hold and play, making it an excellent choice for children and anyone seeking simple, joyful music.

  • Double Beat Magic: By rotating the handle between your palms, the drum produces a delightful double beat from the hanging balls attached. It's a captivating and rhythmic experience.


The Monkey Hand Drum is more than just a musical instrument; it's a source of joy and rhythm. Whether you're creating music for fun or using it to build anticipation for special moments, this drum is a delightful addition to any setting. Easy to play and impossible to resist, it's a fantastic choice for children and a fun experience for all. Let the rhythm flow with the Monkey Hand Drum!

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