Face on Book Display Unit - Red

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Brighten your classroom with the vibrantly designed Face on Book Display Unit, a combination of color and functionality that encourages organization and enhances the learning environment for children. With its approachable design, this unit makes tidying up an intuitive and straightforward task for young learners.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Design: This unit is specially designed to be used by children, promoting independence and teaching them to organize their space efficiently.

  • Single-Sided 6 Shelf Display: Featuring six shelves that allow books to be displayed face-on, it makes finding and storing books a breeze for children, fostering their love for reading through easy accessibility.

  • Lockable Castors: Fitted with lockable castors, the unit guarantees safety while providing the flexibility to move the display unit around as needed, ensuring optimal use of classroom space.

  • Antibacterial MDF Construction: Crafted from 15mm covered MDF that is ISO 22196 certified antibacterial, this unit ensures a hygienic space for children, protecting them from harmful bacteria and promoting a healthier learning environment.

  • Visual Appeal: The vivid design not only adds a splash of color to your classroom but also sparks curiosity and interest in young minds, encouraging them to explore the world of books.


  • Encourages Self-Organization: The display unit teaches children to tidy up after themselves, instilling a sense of responsibility and order from a young age.

  • Enhanced Durability: Made with premium materials that are built to last, providing a long-lasting solution to your classroom’s organizational needs.

  • Easy to Clean: The antibacterial surface is easy to clean, ensuring maintenance is hassle-free and quick, saving valuable time for educators.


  • Material: 15mm Covered MDF
  • Certification: ISO 22196
  • Shelf Count: 6
  • Mobility: Lockable castors for easy movement
  • Dimensions: (Please add the exact dimensions here)
  • Weight: (Please add the exact weight here)

Enhance the learning journey with the Face on Book Display Unit, where color meets practicality in the vibrant classroom space. Order yours today and foster a nurturing and organized educational environment for young minds to grow.

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