Clockwork Owl

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Introducing the Clockwork Owl, the charming  wind-up toy that will bring joy and amusement to both kids and adults alike!
This enchanting creature is a captivating sight as it scurries across any surface, spreading its wings and shuffling its adorable little feet.
No batteries needed, simply wind up the Clockwork Owl and watch the magic unfold.
As you release its energy, the wings gracefully flap, creating a sense of lifelike movement. Meanwhile, the cute little feet shuffle from side to side, adding another delightful touch to its lively performance.

With four different colors to choose from, collecting these Clockwork Owls can become an enchanting adventure in itself. Each owl showcases its unique hue, allowing you to personalize your collection or gift them to your loved ones. From vibrant blue to charming pink, there is a Clockwork Owl to suit every personality and preference.

Whether it's for playtime, decoration, or a stress-relieving desk companion, this wind-up owl toy is a delightful addition to any environment. Watch as it explores its surroundings, taking you and your imagination on a whimsical journey. Perfect for kids who love animals or adults looking for a touch of nostalgia, the Clockwork Owl is an irresistible gift that brings happiness and laughter.

So wind it up, set it loose, and be prepared to have a hoot! Experience the joy and wonderment that the Clockwork Owl brings with its flapping wings and shuffling feet. Let this delightful toy spark your imagination and bring a smile to your face every time you see it in action.
  • Order more than one Clockwork Owl to receive a selection.
  • Wind up owl toy
  • Wings flap and feet shuffle
  • Four colours available

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